client: DEFRA/ Poland
cooperation: UAP, Schattdecor, Defra, Pfleiderer

Bathroom furniture design Elbo is a result of trying to address the users of small spaces. It is a harmonious proposal to order closed and open functional spaces within an exceptionally dynamic form. A design research led to a creation of a set of hanging cabinets, which can be adjusted to individual, ergonomic requirements. A blend of geometric shapes with a strong wooden motive of Shetland Oak along with a slightly graphic digital-print decor Beach Cabin gives every interior a feminine touch. The other color combination, which is dark and elegant Graphite Oak and Loft decor, makes it modernly and industrially elegant.

Studio of Educational Programs and Cooperation with Industry/
University of Arts in PoznaƄ, Faculty of Architecture and Design, 13th Educational-Design Program
designed by: Joanna Lisiecka